The word control can spark a range of emotions. Some see control as restrictive, creating a sense of claustrophobia. The overwhelm of too much structure can stifle the flow of spontaneity and creativity. To others, control is appealing. It provides a structure and order that calms their minds. Knowing that everything has a place and timelines are met to reach goals. So where is the balance between these two sides of the spectrum and how do we establish a healthy relationship with control in our lives?

A life in control is a discussion as we as humans flow on the pendulum of life. An opportunity to explore the elements of our lives that we have little to no control over, such as worldwide events.  Whilst assessing the day to day decisions we make to move us from where we are today, specifically around our goals and aspirations to where we would like to be in future.

Key topics covered:

  • What does control mean to you? Understanding your relationship with control and how this relationship is impacting your decision making processes.
  • Where are you going? Do you have a plan and how will you activate it?
  • Barriers: What to do when it doesn’t quite go to plan.
  • Decision Fatigue: When you reach overwhelm and want to give up.