Just like each of our fingerprints, our signatures are completely different, our lives are a complex chemistry of elements that make us unique individuals. From the things we can’t control, like our genetics, through to the things that can change with time like our belief systems, values and religion, the list of elements that contribute to our sense of being is long, but incredibly important.

Intentional Diversity is a conversation about how we identify these elements and recognise the system that they work in to contribute to the richness of our lives. Inspecting our inner worlds, telling our stories, and being intentional in the diversity of the construction of our lives is just the beginning of a topic that leaves audiences inspired to expand their worlds, to expand themselves.

Key topics covered:

  • Assumption: what assumptions about ourselves and those around us are we letting influence our sense of self?
  • Perception: the role of framing and the lens upon which we take in the world
  • Unconscious bias: is our construct unintentionally influencing our decision making?